Prudential’s Services

Prudential’s three-tiered range of services provides its clients with a sound risk management framework for their investment management operations. Service modules are available individually or as a whole:

Advice / Transaction / Settlements Assistance

  • Day to day investment portfolio advice tailored to clients’ specific Policy limits and prevailing Strategy:
    • Emailed notices regarding upcoming maturities;
    • Investment alternatives and rates gathered on the day of transaction.
    • Daily Market Report
  • Negotiation and dealing with financial institutions after approval is received from the client.
  • Trade confirmations and payment instructions generated and sent to the client and financial institution. Money is never transacted via Prudential. Transactions are directly between the clients and the financial institution only.
  • Austraclear transaction assistance is provided to our clients via a proxy relationship whereby clients benefit from the expertise of settlement professionals proficient in the Austraclear safe custodial service.

Investment Strategy / Policy Reviews

  • Detailed semi-annual Investment Strategy Reviews:
    • Economic overview;
    • Strategic recommendations for upcoming six months;
    • Overall portfolio and individual security review.
  • Annual Investment Policy Review (or as required).

Investment Portfolio Reporting

  • Access to Online Portfolio Dashboard and report generation capability;
  • Comprehensive Monthly Investment Portfolio Reporting;
  • Tailored Reports based on our clients’ individual requirements;
  • Monthly economic and portfolio commentary;
  • Investment and institutional credit ratings are actively maintained to ensure portfolio exposure reports are accurate and recommendations comply with policy limits.


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  • Prudential’s singular focus is to provide superior customer service and to help our clients achieve optimal governance procedures for their investment management functions "

  • Prudential has no affiliation with any banks or product providers and our total remuneration is the pre-arranged flat monthly fee from our clients "